Welcome to Ridgeway Development Corporation!
Developing Communities that Build Value for Generations
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Welcome to Ridgeway Development Corporation!
Developing Communities that Build Value for Generations
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    Multi-Family Housing

    When seeking to add a cash flow producing property to our portfolio we abide by a rigid set of standards.  We search for high growth communities with suitable employment statistics to develop new, acquire and reposition, apartment, townhome, and duplex properties and communities.

    Single-Family Housing

    When preparing for the development and investment into a Single-Family Detached asset class project we pursue both short-term (built-to-sale) and long-term (built-to-rent) strategies. We pursue projects of varying sizes and property ages, ranging from new ground-up communities to purchasing and renovating existing properties.

    Mixed-Use Developments

    When Ridgeway Development approaches a Mixed-use development opportunity, we place consideration on both greenfield (ground-up new construction) and grey field (acquisition and renovation) opportunities. We use the same proprietary analytics and due diligence for this asset class as all our other targeted investments to evaluate the projected rates of return. During past projects we have experienced when we engage in grey field development opportunities, we have the option to take advantage of various subsidies offered by Federal, State, and municipal government branches. These credits and funds are not always readily accessible or make the project any more financially attractive. However, some of these offered funds can be utilized in our future projects, which makes our projected rate of return significantly above the market.significantly above the market.

    Senior Housing & Facilities

    Current population demographics have increased the need for more senior housing and living facilities. We focus our attention on the development of Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant single-family detached housing units and the development of senior living facilities for end-use operators. In the development of our single-family unit, the company has normally partnered with state housing authorities and local municipal governments. Facilities are constructed to the operator's specifications, desired location, and regulatory specifications. Facilities are developed to become monthly cash flowing properties for Ridgeway Development and its partners and investors, while the single-family units are purchased by state and local government housing authorities.

    Build-to-Suit Developments

    Ridgeway Development Corporation's subsidiary companies' operations in construction and real estate brokerage allow the company to offer our partners and investors these unique real estate opportunities. By utilizing our subsidiary companies' contacts and past clientele, commercial projects will not sit idly while the property is listed. Immediately upon the project's completion, a tenant's lease or buyer's contract is executed, thereby making the project cash flow swiftly.

    Ridgeway Development Corporation

    Ridgeway Development’s core principles are to create profitable developments and partnerships. We value our partners and investors, so we have made it our mission to deliver above-market returns, achieve superior long-term asset performance by investing in properties we have identified through our proprietary due diligence and analysis. By utilizing our subsidiary operating companies’ synergies, we can mitigate financial, business, and regulatory risks that arise when developing all asset classes of real estate.


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